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About us

Primal Kiwi, founded on the understanding that nature provides every building block that has brought our species this far, & will continue to see us thrive as we all care for this Earth we share.

It would seem much traditional wisdom regarding health, wellness, healing & nourishing our bodies for optimal performance, has been lost, forgotten, mis-placed, or downplayed over millennia, particularly since the early 1900’s.

Technological advancements of agricultural machinery, chemical fertilisers, pesticides & insecticides over the last hundred or so years, mean that as a species we can create huge quantities of carbohydrate, grain & vegetable crops. This has been fantastic for the profits of industrial scale food manufacturers, however we may all do well to consider the soaring obesity & chronic disease rates in the Western world, over the same time period.

Many scientists & researchers believe that genetically we are still best suited to a hunter gatherer diet & lifestyle. Theory is, the human genome has not adapted to thrive on high carbohydrate intake.

Weston Price spent many years around the 1930’s, travelling the world, studying indigenous & traditional populations, their diet, lifestyles, health & longevity. Some very important observations were that the healthiest populations into old age, got the bulk of their calories in the form of animal fat. The organ meats of the animals they ate, were highly prized, as the most nutrient dense. They instinctively ate a”Nose to Tail” diet. They understood that by eating the particular organ of an animal, that it could benefit that corresponding organ in their own bodies.

Understanding the basic hormonal effects different foods have on our bodies, is essential for optimal health, performance, vitality & longevity. Metabolic Flexibility is our greatest tool for inflammation control, & effortless management of weight & body composition. So called “advanced” Western cultures are bombarded with advertising messages for the convenience of high calorie, low nutrient, ultra processed & de-natured foods. This has lead to populations referred to as “Over Fed & Under Nutritionalised”. These foods leave consumers feeling hungry, leading to cravings & the insidious trap of overeating.

Primal Kiwi supplements offer the most nutrient dense, clean burning fuels for wo/men that nature can provide. We understand that the delicate homeostatic balance of body temp, hydration & electrolytes, pH level, blood sugar, blood pressure, hormones & the rest, that we all need to survive, is best supported by nature.

Nature will compound nutrients together in a much more beneficial way for us, than people in white coats & laboratories. We understand that plants through photosynthesis, turn inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Some plant nutrients can be very beneficial for us. Plants also have anti-nutrients & toxins, as they don’t wish to be eaten. Our sensitivity to these toxins seems to be very individual, but can be highly detrimental to our health.

Animal foods in most cases, gram for gram, provide by far the highest quantity of bio-available nutrients, with the least toxicity for our species.

Happy healthy animals feeding on clean green New Zealand grass all their lives, produce some of the highest quality meat & organs available. This & NZ’s sustainable farming practices make our animal products highly desirable & sought after around the world.

Primal Kiwi is a local Canterbury, 100% New Zealand owned company.
Unless stated otherwise on label, every supplement is NZ sourced & NZ manufactured.
Thank you for your interest, & I wish you the very best in health.
Nigel Dixon