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Primal Kiwi

Our Story

Primal Kiwi has been born of my passion, exercised over decades, to discover the keys to health & wellness.As a child in New Zealand, I grew up in an era that saw a huge growth in dietary sugars, carbohydrate & grain intake, alongside the very purposeful demonization of animal fats.

Looking back, few people expressed concerns about this, or discussed it much. My Dad & his mates proudly sported beer belly’s. Paisley shirts, flares & platform shoes were in, & no-one’s body hair had gone out of fashion. A medical doctor’s word was considered Gospel, & of course with no internet, any other conflicting information was virtually non-existent.

No-one I knew went to a Gym, or really talked about fitness. In saying that, there’s no doubt that there were a lot more physical jobs & manual work that kept people in shape.

By the late 1980’s, as a young & carefree bloke, I was flatting on the Gold Coast of Australia, with a great bunch of mates, much laughing & silliness. We spent disproportionate percentages of our time & incomes on cheap chemically created beer.

I trained at a local Gym multiple days a week, doing my best to be cool & tough & funny & attractive, with dubious & limited results.

The extent of my nutritional understanding was to purchase a tub of Whey Protein Powder & maybe a bottle of Amino Acids, in the hope of gaining as much muscle as possible.

I was really burning the candle at both ends. It was then that I was struck with an illness that took me in days, from my strongest to near death.

My parents flew to Australia to see me in intensive care, not knowing if I would be alive by the time they got there.

I am eternally grateful to the hospital & staff, that I got to emerge six weeks later, albeit a lot skinnier & with a chronic medical issue to manage thereafter.

After a number of months taking toxic medication, & being told this may be for life, I rejected that course of treatment. My search started, for natural therapies that could rebuild & sustain my health.

I found that medically trained doctors were largely dismissive or even ridiculing of natural therapies, treatments, or nutritional protocols that they considered alternative.

This all led to decades of intense interest in health, many books, the gift of the internet, much reading, listening & dietary experimentation. I shudder to think how much money I spent over the years on different treatments, diet protocols & supplements. Some of these had merit, many turned out to be pointless, expensive, & sometimes detrimental. There was much pain & many setbacks along the journey.

I had enduring faith that our bodies have an amazing ability to self-heal when we create the right internal & external environment. This understanding continues to inspire me.

I really learned that we are all different, & what works for one, wo/man may not work for another. I learned that there are some health principles that are common to all of us, that many people do not know, or they may need a reminder of & reinforcement of the knowledge.

We may often think “I wish I knew then what I know now” & “You can’t put an old head on young shoulders”.

I am certain that if I knew all those years ago what I know now, I would not have gotten ill in the first place, & Primal Kiwi would not be here for me to share with you.

“I have been using Primal Kiwi Multi and Buzz. Both the product and the service have been great.”

– Steve Jordans