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Natural Supplements

Primal Kiwi, founded on the understanding that nature provides every building block that has brought our species this far, & will continue to see us thrive as we all care for this Earth we share.

Naturally Raised

Grass Fed, Grass Finished

Low temperature, pesticide/GMO additive and hormone free freeze dried supplements

Multi for Joint Relief by Primal Kiwi

Organ meats

have been prized & sought after throughout history, & continue to be. Try a true superfood

Intel for Clarity & Stress Anxiety Support by Primal Kiwi

Our Brains

as the command center for our entire central nervous system, deserve targeted nutritional support.

Blog posts

Macro’s & Micro’s - the basics

Macro’s & Micro’s - the basics

We still carry the natural fat burning genome of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We have not evolved to thrive on the high carbohydrate diets, that industrial mono-cropping for profit now provides...

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Ketosis & Metabolic Flexibility – What is it & why should I care?

Ketosis & Metabolic Flexibility – What is it & why should I care?

It seems that in recent years there are a plethora of dietary regimens emerging that for the busy man or woman can be a confusing source of frustration. For anyone...

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