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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  1. Remain Curious, Question Everything, Keep Learning & Be Open to Change.

    When we’re young we are typically curious & easy to teach. Our minds are malleable. As we age it’s interesting to be aware of in ourselves, or observe in other people dogmatically (or maybe just subconsciously) holding onto information & opinions that were learned sometimes decades ago. The held beliefs may have been scientifically disproven, while the holder clings to the misinformation, even to their own detriment. Discussion is good, it’s how we learn. It’s OK to change our minds when new information comes to light. It’s OK to be wrong, sometimes we just have to get our ego’s out of the way to admit it, even just to ourselves.
  2. Adopt a species appropriate, animal based, ancestral diet.

    It appears there are many motivations behind the societal/food industry push towards plant-based diets.
    Many well-meaning, good people have jumped on the bandwagon, believing that they may be doing their bit to save the planet. The moral issue regarding ending the lives of animals can be difficult for caring people to overcome.
    When one looks deeper, there appears to be many sides & drivers to the issues & the narrative, however some opposing points of view may be….
    Because of our brain development & associated technology, combined with physicality, we are Apex Predators capable of bringing down animals much larger than ourselves.
    We have highly acidic stomachs similar to that of dogs & vultures, designed for breaking down animal protein & fat.
    We do not have the large fermenting digestive systems of ruminant animals, required to break down plant fiber into meaningful energy & nutrients.
    Vegetarian/Vegan diets do not provide adequate nutrition for long term optimal human health, without significant supplementation of animal-based nutrients.
    Sick people & their increased healthcare requirements are a huge drain on the planet’s resources, while being unproductive.
    The industrial scale mono-cropping of land required to produce plant-based food for people, is incredibly destructive to that land. A lot of creatures must die &/or lose their natural habitat to exploit land for crops.
    Without animals grazing & fertilizing land, it becomes deplete of nutrients & incapable of producing healthful food for anyone or anything, with resultant sometimes devastating loss of topsoil & erosion.

    Fatty meat & particularly organ meats may be the most nutrient dense food for our species that is available on our earth, with everything we need compounded in perfect ratios.

  3. Comprehend the basic hormonal effects that different foods have on us.

    Refer to the Primal Kiwi blogs on Macro’s & Micro’s, Ketosis & Metabolic Flexibility & the wealth of information available online now on these subjects.
    There are some extremely smart, well qualified & well-credentialled doctors, scientists, researchers that are spreading the word regarding wide ranging & sometimes astonishing benefits of Ketogenic & Carnivore/animal based diets. My experience is that they all have a few different findings & nuances to their message, & things they may not agree on 100%.
    The smart & humble ones point out that there is still so much about how the human body works that no one understands.
    Sometimes when we start reading books, or taking in podcasts or whatever, we can find a personality that we resonate with & soak up a lot of their information. This can be great.
    We just need to be aware that anyone can still get things wrong, or that there may be an aspect to what they are saying, that just doesn’t match our own particular needs or personal experience.
    Do your own research!

  4. Drink Only Distilled Water whenever you can.

    This is a controversial subject indeed. It’s not so long ago that a simple Google search would yield the results “Early death comes from drinking distilled water”. The associated article claimed that distilled water leaches minerals from our bodies & would shorten our lives, likely through horrible illness. I spent much time researching this subject back in 2015 & have drunk almost exclusively distilled water ever since. I’ve had body scans where the operator has volunteered that I am very well mineralized. I’ve seen my blood under a microscope with a Hemaview analysis & report every year or two, showing no sign of mineral deficiency.
    The conclusion I came to in 2015 is that distilled water is very good at leaching Inorganic Minerals (the ones we don’t want) from our bodies, while it has no effect at all on the Organic Minerals that we do want, & which are electrically bound to each other throughout our bodies.
    Distilled water & rainwater are one & the same. God &/or nature makes distilled water, in the form or rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog… Distilled water is new water.
    Ground water from a bore or some such, is old water. Ground water picks up Inorganic minerals that are useless to us & can be very detrimental to our health when ingested.
    All good distillers come fitted with a carbon filter also, to remove what are called Volatile Organic Compounds (not ones we want) such as chlorine & fluoride.
    The market is awash with all sorts of expensive treated waters & water treatment machines, some supposedly adding extra Hydrogen, or Oxygen to the H20, Kangen machines, & the addition of minerals (it can often be difficult to ascertain the source of the minerals, & the introduction of any supposed nutrients in un-natural ratios may be detrimental).
    Nature only makes distilled water, not any of those other waters.

    The best explanation I came across is that distilled water goes through our bodies like a vacuum cleaner, helping us dissolve & remove unwanted inorganic matter. We should get our nutrients from food that is alive or has been alive.

  5. Move regularly, lift heavy things, sprint & stretch.

    There is so much expertise & equipment available in the fitness industry, that it can be overwhelming for some people, where they should start with an exercise regimen.
    I’ve observed that the most effective form of exercise is the one that we enjoy, or at least doesn’t require too much self-discipline to implement & maintain.
    There are so many good gyms, classes, personal trainers, pools…..

    Variety keeps things interesting. If one is short on money or time, Calisthenics/body weight exercise can be done with very little equipment, no gym fees, little to no travel time, there are so many resources online, just find some things you can do with regularity. Healthful longevity may best be enhanced when we aim to maintain a combination of strength, cardio-vascular fitness & flexibility. We want our muscles long & strong!

  6. Make bedtime 8 hours before your alarm goes off, rise early, get the sun on your face, end your shower with a cold one.

    For us night owls, getting to bed on time can be challenging. The most frequent & legitimate information I can get regarding volume of sleep requirement is that seven to eight hours is optimal.
    Some of us may think we don’t need that much, & sometimes we could be right.
    I believe best practice is to insure we are in bed in time to get 8 hours sleeping time before our alarm goes off. If we awake refreshed before the alarm, then we can rise earlier if we feel like it. If we sleep through to the alarm, then we obviously needed the 8 hours. It’s better to short-change our sleep time in the morning than at night.
    Morning sun on our face & in our eyes (without looking directly at it) apparently helps set our circadian rhythm, setting us up for a better sleep at night. Avoiding bright lights after the sun has gone down, particularly from personal electronic devices, is said to be very beneficial for insuring adequate hormonal balance for sleeping. A cold shower at the end of our hot one, particularly in the morning, has great physiological effects & psychological also. Just another little habit that can set us up for a great day, even if we’re not brave enough for an ice bath.

  7. Practice Earthing or Grounding whenever you can.

    A barefoot walk on the beach or the grass seems to have great effects on the body. A morning exercise session on the lawn, getting a tan & earthing at the same time has to be highly recommended, as an alternative to being stuck on a treadmill breathing air-conditioning under fluorescent lights.

    There are also things like grounding sheets for beds that people swear by.
    Some believe these are best connected to a wire going directly outside to a rod in the ground, rather than into the earth plug in your wall socket as some suppliers recommend.

  8. Beware of Electro Magnetic Fields, particularly from personal devices.

    This is another controversial subject. There are a lot of scientists that believe that EMF’s, particularly from phones are highly dangerous. If you’ve been a heavy user of cell phones, you’ve likely felt your ears & head getting hot from the microwaves & found yourself swapping your phone from ear to ear. This can’t be good! Use the speaker phone as much as possible, or wired headphones rather than Bluetooth ones. It’s a big rabbit-hole to go down, but some go as far as to shield all the wiring in their house & use ethernet cables for all their internet connected devices, rather than have any WiFi in their homes.

  9. Avoid unnecessary toxic stress, toxic people or financial stress. Live within your means.

    Stress is something that can creep up on us over time, & be difficult to get a handle on.
    Sometimes it can come from life circumstances that can seem completely out of our control.
    The key is to identify the sources of our stress that we CAN control & seek to minimize or eliminate them.
    Sometimes that may mean the harsh reality of minimizing or eliminating our exposure to people who have a negative impact on our lives.
    It may mean changing a relationship, employment, social, community or recreational contacts.
    If we are satisfied that we are living our lives & contributing to our relationships with a philosophy of fair exchange, but are not being met with equal regard, maybe we need to limit our exposure.
    If we regularly find ourselves feeling worse after spending time with someone, maybe the relationship needs some conscious repair or reassessment.
    Debt is a major cause of stress & the last time I looked; finances were the thing that caused more disharmony between couples than anything else.
    Unnecessary consumer debt or keeping up with the Jones’s with a bigger flasher house, car whatever, & the resultant mortgage can have terrible consequences.
    Stress is a killer.

  10. Avoid silly mistakes.

    Depending on our personality type, if we look hard enough, we likely all have an area of life where we take risks, maybe unnecessary. It might be chasing adrenaline in a sport, relationship choices, financial gambles, risky health behavior…whatever it is.
    Life with no risk at all is impossible & would be pretty boring, but lets make our risks calculated ones, because life’s short & can change in an instant.

    The negative impact of a silly mistake may play out in a second, or over years. Let’s be careful out there!

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